Napkins are easy to embroider.  They are available in many different sizes and a variety of fabrics.  You can find very inexpensive napkins to work with as well as very expensive linen napkins.  Basic White  Napkins are an item that can be kept in stock and embroidered quickly when a customer is looking for  quick gift items.  I keep at least 12 dozen in stock at all times.

Believe it or not, I buy them at Sam’s!  They embroider beautifully and people love them!  They also fit most peoples budgets in these economic times!  I gave my hairdresser a set of 12 for Christmas last year.  You would have thought that I gave her a $500.00 gift.  She was thrilled and absolutely speechless.  That is going to be a tough one to top this year!

Napkin Embroidery Design

Napkins – Embroidery Design Or Monogram Placement On Napkins

Napkins – How To Hoop And Sew Out A Monogram Or Embroidery Design On Napkins